Cultural Muslim Tour in Spain



muslim tour-toledoDía 1: Madrid & Toledo

After your arrival to Madrid Airport we will make a panaromic city tour of Madrid. The aim of this tour is to transmit the feeling of a multiple Madrid. We shall visit plazas like the Plaza de Espana, de Oriente, Mayor, Puerta del Sol, Neptuno, Cibeles and Puerta de Alcala. We will also visit the new mosque and the islamic centre. we will finish the visit of Madrid in a Halal Restaurant.

After it we will depart to Toledo ,remained a key Andalusian city during the height of Muslim power under the Umayyads. During the 13th century, the Christian ruler Alfonso X established a translation center in Toledo. Here, Arabic works of astronomy, mathematics, medicine, botany, and other fields were rendered into Latin. Toledo became one of the major points of intellectual transmission from Islamic civilization to Europe, sowing the seeds for the Renaissance. Panoramic tour of Toledo and Visit of Mosque of “Christ of the Light”. Accomodation in Toledo Hotel***.

muslim tour-Cordoba

Día 2:  Toledo-Córdoba

After a nice breakfast at the hotel we will depart to Cordoba. The capital of Al-Andalus for more than 300 years, where the Umayyad dinasty of Spain lived. The most advance city of its times, only competing with baghdad and Damascus. When in the rest of Europe did not even existed toilets or baths, in Cordoba they had street lighting, drainage system, libraries, public baths or hammam, and many more things that we have kept until today. We´ll be visit the Masjid Qurtuba, Roman Bridge, “Calahorra” tower, and some other remains from muslim times. We will finish the visit in a tradicional andalusí house, made a HALAL restaurant nowadays.

Accomodation in Cordoba H**** 

muslim tour-cordoba mosqueDía 3:  Córdoba-M. Azahra-Sevilla

After breakfast at the hotel We will visit the caliph´s city “Madinat Al-Zahara”, an archeological museum in which a city from the X century comes into life again.  This amaizing city was built by Abderrahman III, and here all the embassors of the different empires from all around the world would come to visit the muslim Caliph, bringing him presents and giving alliance to him.

After we will depart to Sevilla, The capital of Andalucia. Sevilla was also the capital of the former Al-Andalus during the period of the Almoravids and Almohads in the XII century. We shall see the most beautiful plazas of seville this day, walking through them and having time to relax and feel the spanish enviroment of Sevilla. We will have dinner in a HALAL or fish restaurant. night walking beside the Guadalquivir river and finish at the hotel.

Accomodation in Sevilla  H****

muslim tour-sevilla

Día 4:  Sevilla-Granada

After breakfast we will start our cultural islamic tour of Sevilla. We will visit the Alcazar, royal palace built by the same muslims craftsmen of the Alhambra, the “Giralda” tower, once the highest minaret in the world, it is said that the muezin had to ride up on a horse to call the athan. The old jewish quarter which has preserved the same shape since the times of Al-Andalus, small and narrow streets make up a laberint shape neighborhood really pleasant to walk through.

After the visit there will be some free time for shopping or relaxing. After it we will depart to Granada. HALAL restaurant in Granada and night walking through the old muslim quarter, here we will make the introducction to Alhambra, which we will visit the tomorrow. Accomodation in Granada H****

muslim tour-AlhambraDía 5:  Alhambra & Granada

After Breakfast at the Hotel we will visit the Alhambra, and incredible tour by our local muslim guide will give a full understanding of the islic culture and heritage of Spain. a smoothly walking throught the gardens and orchards of Al-hambra, with explanations about how to water them. Following the water´s route  we reach the “medina ” or city, where the normal people lived. Here we will learn about the lifestyle in Alhambra. We will also visit the private residences of the sultans, here we will be able to see and apreciate the maximum artistic and cultural splendor of that era. We will appreciate the great importance they gave to the water, including fountains in every single room of the palace and using it as an element for purification, decoration, with artistic and religious relevance.

In the afternoon we will visit the streets and old mosques in the Albaycin quarter, which is the first part of granada builded by muslims and still has the same structure as 500 years ago. there will be also free time for shopping and exploring the city. We will meet again for dinner at HALAL restaurant. Accomodation in Granada H****

muslim tour-

Día 6:  Granada-Malaga Aeropuerto

After breakfast we will depart to Malaga airport. The dropping off time is at 12:00.





INCLUDED                                                                                                      NOT INCLUDED

  • 5 nights in 4**** hotel, double room with breakfast included                                                           – Flights and airport fees
  • Private transport+driver from pick up at the airport untill dropp off.                                               – Extras in the hotel
  • English speaking local guide.                                                                                                                     – Lunch and dinner
  • Entrance fees for all the monuments in the programme
  • 1 bottle of water every day

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