Dear Customer,

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to read about us, to know a little better and understand the motivation that drives us to do what we do.

ErenTour is a travel agency that is born of the union between two cultures, is the meeting between the East and West of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey and Spain.

The desire to know where we come from  inevitably evokes a longing to move around the world. Traveling to every corner of the planet seeking answers to our questions, and certainly at one of those corners are the answers we need. But we must not forget that often the answers we need are closer than we think, as the pot of salt that is before our eyes but we fail to see it, however, after looking in every corner of the kitchen, we look again at the same place of the beginning and we saythere it is¡¡, how I have not seen before? in the same way, when we return from a trip we see our place differently, and we see things that we did not see before, this happens because our minds and our hearts have been opened and expanded its boundaries during the trip.

These are the type of travels and experiences that ErenTour offers travelers, we ensure that every trip is a real life experience.

As local travel agengy, we have direct contact with all our services (hotels, bus and trasportation, restaurants, shows and performances, local guides, etc…), so you will always get the best Price.

Our guides are qualified  youngsters with a Deep knowledge about the history of Spain, and many of them specialize in the Muslim history of Spain during the Middle Ages, from which we have a huge legacy in our región Andalucía.

Our years of experience in this field allow us to offer all kind of services related to it, such as the organization of Conferences, Congresses, VIP tours, School trips, family vacations, TV recordings, private shows of Flamenco, and many more.

We like to help travelers to organize their staying in Spain, so even if you do not contract any of our services, if you have any question or doubt about your trip to Spain please, let us know, we will do our best to help you.

Your safety and comfort comes before anything else. This we keep always in mind with our guests, so when you travel with us will feel like traveling with your own family.

As local muslims we are, we offer full halal arrangement for our muslims tours. Also if you travelling by your self dont hesitate to contact us in case you dont find a halal restaurant or if you want to know where are the mosques in every city. You can visit our section of “Halal Services”. We know the muslims communities in every city, and will be a pleasure to introduce them to you, dear guest.

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